You may all know that on Porsche PCM5.0 car originally equipped with only half screen CarPlay the resolution is around 800x600

The icon on screen is reduced to really small size as the screen display area is limited

After some investigation and development work I have successfully starched the display to the unused area.

However you may already notice that actually just starched larger and made it fits to a very strange resolution size, so that icon still stays very small as the half screen size and hard to use. And in some of the apps will make very hard to read due to this strange resolution size.

If I plug a 3rd party video box will see that display is not fit full screen, the app won show full constant due to this attached resolution:

Then I have found the PCM6 has optimised this screen made full screen to regular HD resolution 1920x720 as below :

As we can see all icon now shows normal size as it suppose to be in PCM6

So I think must be the way to enable the full HD resolution CarPlay on PCM 5.0 look exactly the same as PCM6

Then after further investigation, I have finally got it working like this :

Now it shows full 1920x720 HD resolution and icon shows normal size as well. You may also want to know how to get back to normal menu, actually, just press the Porsche icon or any shortcut physical button on console will get the original menu.

Also i tested the 3rd party video streaming box again and found display shows protect fit now

Also activated android auto and yet try to get Android auto to be fit in this real full HD resolution