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    Hello, i have been trying to fix my RNS850, since it had been updated wrong firmware. Thanks to the infos from web my unit starts and seems to live, buth i must program v850 chip with right firmware. Maybe some one have got working dump to share? I cant do the update software, because my touch screen is not working. Or maybe there is a solution to force software update from ttl command? I don need to fix it, because i bought another one, that is working in my car, but it would be nice to learn something new if it is possible. My unit was completly dead, i even had deleted efs persist.
    I know, that V850 should be programmed, buth i dont know how it should looks like,because when i program it she restarts every 4sec., and fan spinning fast. Maybe someone tell what i am doing wrong?

    Best Regards.
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