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Тема: Firmware mib2 vw

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    I would like update my mib2 discover pro Harman. The firmware actually is 0343 and i would like to install 1387.

    I have firmware 1187 but when i try to install it i have error conflict variant.

    I would know if one personn have firmware intermediate.


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    Write complete information of your unit - what MHI2-xxxxx is it actually, what part number and sw & hw version?

    If you currently have 0343 this is if I'm right for MIB2 but 1367 is for MIB2.5. Latest version for MIB2 is 1100, this can be installed even on first units; there is a new version since last week 1427, but my MIB2 unit says blocked train. It seems it's for newer MIB2 units...

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    I solved you must have firmware intermediate

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    i have an 2016 VW Golf 7R Prefacelift with MIB2 High.

    can i update MHI2_ER_VWG11_P2125_1 MU0343 directly to MHI2 ER VWG11 K3332 MU1187?

    I know that 1429 is the latest version, but don't have it. Does somebody has it for me?



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