Hello guys,

I have a MIB2 High unit for Seat. It is same with Discover Pro units. But due to wrong flash actions it is dead. No boot, no lights come up.
When I access by serial I see only following logs:

IPL: A239 C0,16153A[2016-04-13 13:39:22],J5,PG3.0,GL-S=64(0),RAM=128,RST=9
CLK: 720/600/400 MHz (ARM/DSP/DDR)
IOC: 4e33427e 7e7e7e7e 7e7e414e 7e7e7e00
fb2:ARM=8540000/2 +8BA0000 DSP=BD00000
*** WARNING: Enabling DSP access to the entire RAM!
ipl done
Startup: PL_qnx_startup-jacinto5-v7_Dev_MibJ5_16302A, built 2016/07/26_12-32-47_UTC
Board: 0000a239.000000c0
Command: -x 0x87000000,0x01000000 -C 750,0 -wa
RAM: 128 MB
FLASH: 64 MB @0x08000000
DSP loader failed: 4294963292

I have all user and developer firmwares for this unit. Telnet connection not available. Only serial connection. qboot command does not start emergency ifs. I know root passwords. I think I need to upload emergency ifs via zmodem but I do not know how to do this.

I appreciate if someone can give me information to recover this dead unit. I can provide remote access also.