PLABEL=PL_qnx_ipl-3g_9308-sh7785_13382A USER=SKretsch HOST=OEKAN22I DATE=2013/09/17_15-16-25_UTC QNX_VERSION=630 QNX_LABEL=RL_qnx_os_630SP2_PSP10_13382A GCC_VERSION=3.4.4 CPU=sh
Old PLABEL=PL_qnx_ipl-3g_9308-sh7785_08253A DATE=2008/06/18_15-16-25_UTC

The new firmware is not have VIN service, and the HW index is 61, not 51 or 41

I tried to replace the firmware, in the emergency procedures updated ifs-root efs-system efs-exended FPGA, using the HW 51 version of the firmware

Successfully updated, but waiting a long time to start, and only a few minutes, the system shuts down again

Some say replacing S29GL512 can solve the problem of downgrading firmware version HW51, But I want to try using the dismantling of the j794 way to demote