sorry i do not speak russian so i write in english because i hope this is more understandable
as a google translation to russian :-)

It s no secret anymore that CP in 5F Units is in EEprom between
adressess 0x640 and 0x77F,
so i hope it is ok to discuss this here.

Most people copy the whole block.
In fact i realized its enough to copy 0x640-6DF
and put 0x00 from 0x6E0-0x77F.

Reset unit - switch on ignition, wait a few minutes
Then the units CP is off and if you dump the eeprom again
the parts 0x6E0-0x77F are filled with data.

So far so interesting.
My question is - has anybody a idea what the two block
Yes they are two seperate blocks
are used for ?
The data definitely look encrypted to me,
i suspect it has something to do with CP.

If you take eeprom dumps from time to time - you will realize these two block change from time to time
i suspect - changing the coding of the vehicle changes it
also clearing DCTs seem to change something there

I am still searching the reason für the bad b&o sound in my car since 3gp retrofit.
This is something i recognized while studying a couple of eeprom dumps.
i suspect it might have something to do with my sound problem.

anyone any ideas ?!?