I am trying to patch the checks on a3 2014 mmi navigation.

I can do the software patch, but first i need to access the filesystem, i have opened the unit and found 2 flash chips :

one is a tsop48 that can hold 2mb of data

and another one is an emmc chip that contains 4gbs of data

I can dump the first chip as i have the equipment, but i doubt i will obtain anything from it as the operating system should be on the 4gb one, maybe this 2mb flash is a bootloader ..
unfortunally i cant dump the 4gb one as i dont have the required equipment to resolder the chip, i could desolder it and read it, but i have no way to solder it back.

There are some test points on the back of the board just under the 2mb tsop48 flash (seccond image on this post) and i wonder if someone tried to attach a serial port to those, i am affraid about fry the unit attaching a serial port there ...

Also, my unit is running software version MSTD_EU_AU_P2440 , if someone has an update, i could try to find another attacking vector from there (modifying update software)

Back of the unit :

Front of the unit :

Any help will be apreciated.