going through the dumped MMI files I came across myaudiconnect_nodataconnect.jar.
Which seems to handle the connection to MyAudi, which is by now not working when using the D-Link LAN adapeter and a 3G router.

It seems that an IMSI is needed to connect to the Audi servers for authentification.
And this IMSI is not set, as we do not have an integrated car phone.

See code below from LoginInfo.class:
    buffer.append(", imsi=" + this.imsi);
I don't know if the IMSI could be hardcoded.
One would need to recompile the LoginInfo.class with hardcoded IMSI.
Pack the myaudiconnect_nodataconnect.jar.
The jar file was found in:

I don't know if putting the file there would be enough, or if the the image would have to be changed.

Does anyone know if recompiling is possible?

Best regards