MMI 3G+ Let Marvell 8688 connect as Wifi client
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    По умолчанию MMI 3G+ Let Marvell 8688 connect as Wifi client

    Hello guys,

    first I want to say that you all do a great job on modifying the MMI.
    Do you think it could be possible to run the wifi in Client mode to tether it to a mobile phone for 3G Data for gMaps and so on?

    It could be possible if the driver an the QNX version do support WPA in client mode.
    I already tried to make a which tries to set the wifi to unencrypted client mode but for now it was not succuessful. And before mid of the weekmI cannot work on this.

    The MMI seems to run QNX version 6.3.2
    Binaries for this version are not freely available.
    Binaries have to be compiled for instruction set SH4

    The compile target is SH4 - in newer QNX versions (from 6.4.0) even USB Wifi drivers are available. Maybe they could also work under 6.3.2.

    If there is someone out there with knowledge of Linux networking, compiling for SH4 or working with QNX this would be very helpful.

    See for config hints.

    Happy easter

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    По умолчанию

    As far as i know this is not possible.
    The used wifi chipset uses a firmware which only supports ap mode
    this firmware is loaded on runtime
    so it is possible to change it, and also a client mode firmware exists
    if you loaded it the included firmware driver stops to work
    obviously the interface the client firmware exposes is different to
    the interface the ap firmware has.
    So in order to get client mode to work you have to adopt or
    rewrite the qnx wlan driver uses on the mmi.
    You are very welcome to try
    would be cool if you would have success


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    По умолчанию

    I already considered that.
    Why should Audi or the maker if the MMI (HB) implement something which is not needed.

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    По умолчанию

    I have found something more:
    The MMI uses the driver devnp-mv8688uap.
    The uap driver seems to be the AP mode driver for the MV8688 chipset.
    Under linux there is also a sd8688.ko driver to run the MV8688 in client mode.

    So actually a client mode driver for QNX is also missing.
    I do not know if it is available within QNX/Audi/Marvell or if it can be compiled from linux sources if available.

    The firmware is located here:
    Driver here:

    sd8688.bin seems to be the non AP mode firmware.

    So a combination of sd8688.ko for QNX and sd8688.bin would be neccessary.
    But as it seems that the driver for QNX was specially written for the AUDI MMI,
    I do not think it is that easy.

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    По умолчанию

    Here are some secret way to connect via WiFi:



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